With the many calls we receive through the day, we have come up with this FAQ page to answer any unanswered questions you may have. If there is any other questions, please let us know so we can put it on this page.

How fast do your jet skis go?
A Our Jet Skis go anywhere from 50-75 depending on the water conditions.

How far do we have to travel from where you launch before we are able to go fast?
Where we launch out of, there is a 8 minute ride until you reach the open bay. For this, we give you an additional free time.

I can not promise that there will not be any, but out of all my time in the ocean, I have never seen any.

Can my kids ride with me?
A Children have to be at least 10 years and must ride with someone over 18. We can not make any exceptions

After the hourly charge, what other fees do we pay?
All other fees are included. We do not charge a security deposit or fuel charge.

Is the water cold?
The water is pretty much never cold. It usually feels nice, even at 8 AM or during the winter since San Diego has an awesome climate.

What type of jet skis do you have?
A We only use the newest model jet skis. Each watercraft is under 2 years old to ensure new models and reliability.

Q What time should I show up for my reservation?
Please make sure to show up by your reserved time. You do not need to be early. If you are not on time, you may miss out on rental time.

Do we need a truck or to tow them some place?
No! Our jet skis are on the water and ready to go for you . You just jump on and ride.

Will we run out of gas or have to fill up?
No, our jet skis have 18 gal tanks which last the whole day, and we always have an additional fuel available.

Can two people go on the same jet ski?
Yes, our jet skis can accommodate two people.

If I have three or more people, can we switch off?
We do not allow switching off.

Do you have three-seater models?
We do not have three-seater jet skis and do not allow three people on one jet ski.

Is there a beach to sit/stand/play on too?
We are located in a marina, unfortunately there is no beach around us but you may visit Spanish Landing Park or Pepper Park for the nearest beach.

How far are you able to go in an hour?
An hour is really just an intro ride, but you will be able to see areas such as Shelter Island, Navy Base, U.S.S Midway, Seaport Village, Downtown San Diego, Coronado, Coronado Bridge, Chula Vista, and other great places!

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