Our Mission

Luxury Jet Ski Rentals provides the highest rated jet ski experience at the lowest price. With prices less than half of our competitors and reviews targeting our friendly service & fast machines, we create adventure for all by satisfying all your water sports needs.

Luxury Jet Ski Rentals, LLC is a company designed to allow consumers high-level adventure at an affordable price. We have the lowest prices in all of San Diego. We make it easy for you to rent your equipment. Simply book your reservation, and arrive at our location and see your equipment ready and waiting for you. All of our staff is fully trained in watercraft safety which will be taught to our renters to ensure enjoyment on the water.

We are a smaller, more personable company that was started by college students in the dream to pay off student loans (which will never happen). We keep our profit margins minimal to ensure fair access to our products. We are one of the few jet ski rental companies out there that put full trust in our clients which allows them to rent from us without putting down a security deposit. The worst experience in renting items is having hidden fees attached to your rental, so we take out all hidden fees.

Starting back in 2013, we have came a long way. Luxury Jet Ski Rentals started out with one jet ski and only did daily rentals. Now we have a huge fleet of top-of-the-line rentals not only in the San Diego area, but also in the San Francisco Bay Area as well. Today we have our own storefront that is rapidly growing and are also expanding into different water sports markets.

When you rent from us, you are supporting your college students, and also supporting your local small businesses. We take pride in every rental, so you can assure you get the best rental experience out there.


Me and Cosmo
Tyler, Owner
Cosmo, Co-owner & Dog

“I started this company back when I was 19 years old, with a vision to not only create the most successful Jet Ski Rental company out there but to also make it a place that everyone loves. I take pride in all of my work and am rewarded with the smiles of returning customers ready for their next adventure with Luxury Jet Ski Rentals.”